Tech2 Camps

All our ski camps and programs are Tech2

This means we focus on improving your skiing technique, as well as incorporating technology in our instruction.

When starting Boomerang on Snow we aimed for something different. We incorporated a lot of training knowledge gained outside of the ski industry, as well as experience in working within a high technology environment with ski instruction.

The ski instruction standards are the highest they have ever been. Very talented and passionate trainers around the world work hard to ensure the latest and best teaching techniques are passed on through ski instructors to you, the guest. The ski industry has been successfully responding over the last decade to increased pressure caused by increased uptake of snow sports. In the post pandemic world, pressure increased as ski and snowboard instructors, left a seasonal job in pursuit of increased stability. The most products you will find on the market today are private or group lessons. Delivered at high standards by skilful instructors, these products are guaranteed to improve your skiing.

Many years ago, I came across the EverGreen IT concept introduced by Microsoft. What it means is “running services comprising components that are always up to date”. As my ski instructor career progressed in parallel with my corporate career, I was focused on always improving my own skiing as well as my teaching skills. After a while I realised, I was in a sense trying to be EverGreen. When training towards my Alpine Coach certification, I realised how closely aligned to EverGreen my instruction philosophy was. I understood that my guest would greatly improve their skills if provided with continuous and consistent opportunities.

I am not talking about developing athletes, or racers, but about offering regular resort guests the opportunity to participate in a more structured training. The various ski products discussed above are awesome for correction and temporary progress. How often have you been in a ski lesson, just to remember, you received similar feedback last year, and to feel frustrated about lack of progress. By no means this is the instructor’s fault. We are all trained to work on the skill impacting your skiing the most, conduct drills and use analogies to make you break bad habits and pick up the correct technique. There is however no continuity to this process. One day you may have a different instructor, with no prior knowledge of your skiing ability or what you have been working on, just to press the reset button and start fresh again. After a lesson, you will be told by any ski instructor worth it’s salt, to go and practice mileage is king. This is most true! One arising issue though is, you will not be able to receive feedback from your instructor when skiing by yourself, and most likely revert to bad habits. Practice makes perfect, and anyone who undertook military training, will agree that countless hours spent on drill, pay off. Same applies in skiing. Practice, practice and then practice some more.

As a ski instructor I was facing a dual dilemma: how to provide timely relevant feedback in my lessons, as well as continuous instruction. Of course, it was impossible for me to be right next to my guest all the time, as well as to chaperone the same guest around the mountain for the entirety of the holiday. This is where I decided to investigate if technology was the answer. In my case it was through Cardo Packtalk , CARV and Movement Analysis. Packtalk delivers real time communication: the right advice at the right time and place. CARV is your digital ski instructor you can take with you wherever your turns may take you, and Movement Analysis is a way of remaining in contact with your coach, a sanity check if you wish, wherever you are. Overlap this technology to the already existing advanced ski instruction techniques and there you have it: the tech2 concept was born.

Why am I so focused on technique? Skiing is meant to be fun, exhilarating and overall, a joyful experience. Although it is a decent workout, it is meant to be easy. Correct technique makes it easy. Correct technique makes you less prone to injuries and allows you to enjoy skiing more. This is what we aim for. Over the last year our team worked hard at making sure the tech works for us, plays nicely together, and integrates well with our ski instruction curricula.

We are ready! Are you ready to take your skiing to the next level?