Private Ski Lesson with CARV

The private Ski Lesson with CARV includes:
• Two hours on snow instruction
• CARV unit setup
• CARV unit rental for the entire day
• In helmet communication
• End of day feedback
• Opportunity to purchase CARV at a discounted rate

CARV ski lessons are different! First we will focus on technique using data provided by CARV. Second, you will learn to use CARV to its full capabilities.

Regardless of lesson start time, you will meet your instructor first thing in the morning.

Those having lessons in the morning, will continue using the unit for the rest of the day, measure and discuss their improvement with the coach at the end of the day.

Those booking lessons in the afternoon, will enable a more data driven coaching session, by having used the units prior to your lesson.

Private ski lessons with CARV represent a full day of training and development.

• Mobile phone
• CARV app installed
• Ability to ski at an intermediate level
• Ability to use apps on your device