Program de ski cu CARV

Our Ski Improvement program with Carv is the most comprehensive and advanced ski coaching program on the market.

Learning in a group environment enhances the training delivered by our qualified coaches. Training as a collective is more efficient, fun and conducive to faster learning.

We believe in data driven coaching and we aim to enhance our guests’ experience by incorporating technology in our coaching. Carv is the world’s most advanced ski wearable. It’s packed with 36 pressure sensors and a motion sensor into each insert and built it to withstand hard days of skiing.

The program includes:
• 9 hours of ski instruction
• 3-day ski pass in Poiana Brașov
• In helmet communication
• Daily individual written feedback
• Daily written drill list
• One online video analysis session after the camp
• Two movement analysis sessions post program
• Carv digital coach five-day rental
• Program limit to five participants
• 10% off your next camp or program with us

The Ski Improvement Program with Carv is our most comprehensive coaching program. Not only you will benefit from quality on snow training, online video movement analysis sessions, individual daily feedback and access to a comprehensive list of drills we performed during the week on snow, but you will also have access to your personal digital coach.

Following the time on snow with your coach, you will continue skiing whilst using Carv. Your coach will assign you specific tasks to complete in the afternoon, followed by a brief revision on the following day.

The program curriculum follows a coherent progression. During the three days you will work on specific skills: position, rotation, edging and pressure. Snow time combines exercise and free skiing. On the last day we will also have a farewell dinner.

Boomerang on Snow’s programs are created to take your skiing to the next level in a fun social environment where you will learn how to overcome technical or psychological barriers.

If you already use Carv contact us prior to booking. We want to ensure you will be in the right program.

*Instruction is delivered in English.