Curs de ski cu CARV

Our Ski Camp with Carv is aimed at intermediate skiers, looking to improve their technique whilst enjoying the benefits of the most advanced ski wearable technology.

The course includes:
• Six hours on snow instruction
• One-hour Carv setup and introduction
• Carv unit rental
• Limit of four camp participants
• In helmet communication
• Two post camp movement analysis sessions
• English language instruction

Technology plays a crucial aspect in many sports. Coaches are using data to unlock the best channel for their athlete's development like never before. Data analytics play a major role in creating winning strategies for the biggest sporting teams in the world. Sports such as football, cycling, and athletics all use data to develop their athlete’s abilities. Now with Carv, skiing is moving in that direction too.

Our Ski Camps with Carv are designed for the inquisitive skiers, who welcome a challenge, and are constantly seeking improvement.

Our Ski Camps with Carv run Monday and Thursday from 14:00 for two hours. Over three days we will work on improving your skiing and showing you how to make the most of Carv. If you are considering buying Carv at the end of the camp we will deduct the rental price off the purchase.

*On request, for a group of minimum three participants, the instruction can be in Romanian.